What is Operation Tokyo 2020?

Operation Tokyo 2020 is Swim Wales’ plan to identify every potential Para-Swimmer in Wales. It’s possible there are keen swimmers out there who haven’t yet been spotted. We don’t expect you to be an established Para-Swimmer already but you do need to be dedicated. Together, we’ll develop your talent and help you reach new heights in Para-Swimming.

Andrew Mullen at the starting grid Andrew Mullen at the starting grid A male swimmer punching the air with his fist in joy

I never dreamed I could be a Para-Swimmer until someone spotted my potential and helped me succeed.

Liz Johnson, 2008 Paralympic Champion, Bronze Medallist in London 2012 Paralympic Games

Operation Tokyo 2020 could be the start of something amazing for you as a Para-Swimmer. Don’t miss this chance.

Sascha Kindred, multiple Paralympic and World Champion

Meet our team

Huw Griffiths profile image

Huw Griffiths

National Para-Swimming Manager


You need to

  • be 8 to 35 years old
  • be a confident swimmer
  • love competing in the pool
  • have a physical, visual or intellectual disability

Application process

Step 1

Complete the online form to register your interest.

Step 2

We’ll contact you to find out more about you and your swimming.

Step 3

Our team will confirm whether or not your impairment meets the criteria for classification as a Para-Athlete. The classification system ensures that no disabled athlete faces a competitive disadvantage. There are different types of classification: physical (S1-S10), visual (S11-S13) and intellectual (S14). Sometimes, swimmers who have a diagnosis that meets the eligibility criteria for classification may still not be sufficiently impaired to gain a classification.

Step 4

Everyone who registers with Operation Tokyo 2020 will receive details of relevant swimming opportunities in their local area. Swimmers eligible for a classification will be invited to attend one of our Swimmer ID Days.


Claire Cashmore standing in swim suit with swimming goggles and hat